Carpet Flooring: An All Time Popular Flooring Choice

The comfortable, soft, and cozy carpeting is a great choice. Due to its comforting warm features and textures, almost any cold and dull room can become warm and welcoming. Technological advancements in flooring have made carpets much softer, stain resistant, and durable.

Carpet flooring is available in various patterns, styles, designs, and colors. You can choose a suitable design in contrast with your space’s walls, furniture, artwork, and window treatments.

This type of flooring is an all-time favorite flooring choice. It is slip-resistant and safe. A well-chosen carpet can complement anything you add to your home’s decor. Wall-to-wall carpet also adds warmth and comfort to a space.

How to Choose the Carpet?

Choosing the perfect carpet for your space can be intimidating. You must choose according to the style that best suits your décor and the activities taking place in that space. The quality of the carpet fiber, the color, and the professional installation of the flooring must also be considered.

It is a manageable process involving professional assistance such as Professional Carpet Flooring in Norcross by Premium Floors and Paints. 

Let’s determine what must be considered when choosing good carpeting.

Types of Carpets

The carpet type depends on the space where it will be utilized in. A soft plush velvet carpet for your bedroom or a firm loop carpet for an office or busy space in your room. Cut and loop carpets with a sculptured pattern are tough, durable, and hide dirt well.

1) Loop Carpet

A loop carpet is available in natural fibers such as wool or synthetic fibers like polypropylene carpets. They have low pile carpet fibers, and yarn tips are not visible, which gives a firmer feeling underfoot.
The Berber carpet is an example of a common loop carpet style and is best suitable for hallways, stairs, or rooms with a high volume of foot traffic as they are a low, densely woven loop. The durability of the carpet depends on how lower the loop is.

2) Cut Pile

This type of carpet is sheared, and the ends of the carpet fiber are visible. It is available in different thicknesses and lengths. They are considered to be smooth underfoot and softer than Loop piles. It can be suitable for the whole house. The carpet consists of twists that help it in standing form and resist matting and crushing. The durability of the cut pile depends on how tight the twists are. The tighter and heavier the twist, the more durable your carpet will be, and the texture created by the twist can help hide dirt and wear patterns.

Cut piles are usually made of polyester, nylon, or Wool and are available in various colors and multi-colors. Wool with nylon cut piles is the most popular and recommended by most of the Professional Carpet Flooring in Norcross.

3) Cut and Loop

It has a combination of loop fibers and cut fibers to create a textured pattern. The durable and tough cut and loop carpets can be used in places where foot traffic is maximum. These carpets are beautiful yet have subtle patterns. The pattern is created by the difference in texture between the looped pieces and the cut ends of the fibers.

Different Types of Carpet Fibers

1) Polyester Carpet

The hypoallergenic quality of the polyester carpet is popular among allergy sufferers. This type of fiber provides better durability and stain resistance than Wool or any other natural fiber alternatives. It is more eco-friendly than nylon carpet but might be better for retaining imprints covered by heavy area rugs or furniture and might not be suitable for heavy traffic areas.

2) Nylon Carpet

Nylon-fibered carpet is soft and durable as compared to other synthetic materials. It is popular for its quality of remarkably bouncing back from tracks and footprints made by children or pets. It is safe from mold and mildew and can resist strains when treated well by Professional Carpet Flooring in Norcross, making your carpet look brand new.

3) Wool Carpet

Wool is the most popular choice in the residential category. The carpet is long-lasting and naturally durable. It is environmentally friendly, and its natural characteristics make it fire resistant, act as an air purifier, control moisture, and create a healthy and safe indoor environment.

There are a lot of options for textures, patterns, and colors in Wool textured carpet.

4) Polypropylene

Polypropylene, also called Olefin fiber, is a synthetic material that is water resistant, easy to clean, and often used for outdoor spaces and recreation areas. This fiber offers better resistance to color fading, stains, and moisture.
It works exceptionally for residential and commercial spaces and is usually less costly than Wool.

Carpet Replacement

If you already have carpets and think they are in the best condition, you might want to consider replacing them. You need to consider the following reasons or conditions to replace your carpet.

1) Mold Smell or Pet Stains

A bad smell can be a sign of pet stains or mold that might have seeped underneath the carpet. Suppose deep cleaning of the carpet is not giving you a satisfactory result or is not getting rid of the smell. In that case, you might need to contact a professional Carpet Replacement Company Norcross Ga.

2) Mold and Mildew

Basement carpets especially might be affected by mold and mildew. Mold grows in dark and moist places. If your basement was flooded or faced any water damage, chances are your carpet might have wet padding underneath the carpet and might need replacement.

3) Matting in high foot traffic areas

Over time, foot traffic and heavy furniture cause matting in the carpet. Some foot or furniture impressions can be cleaned with the help of professional cleaning; however, some impressions can create dents on the floor.

Therefore you should consider consulting Carpet Replacement Company Norcross Ga so that you are guided well and are given various solutions. The team can visit and check your carpet and suggest getting it cleaned or replacing it.

4) Age of the Carpet

Your home carpet can last for 5 to 15 years, and it also depends on the carpet’s quality, padding, and the space where it is installed is high traffic. For instance, the carpet in the bedroom can last a long due to less traffic. In comparison, the carpet in the hallways might need early replacement due to high foot traffic.

If you want to increase the carpet’s life span, you should have your carpet cleaned by a professional cleaning company. Many Carpet Replacement Company Norcross Ga also provide carpet maintenance and cleaning services.

5) Respiratory and allergy issues

Old carpets’ mold, dirt, and mildew can cause allergy symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose, or breathing problems. Therefore if you notice an increase in such systems, you should consider consulting a professional carpet cleaning and replacement company and have a deep cleaning of your carpet or replace it if required.

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